These Girl Scouts need your help!

Two Girl Scouts have adopted one of the Forest Hills Park rain gardens as their Silver Award project. They’re going to transform this weedy, overgrown mess next to the amphitheater to a functional and beautiful area, filled with native plants. While they’re at it, they’re going to teach community volunteers how to keep it that way. (And feed us some snacks to keep us going!)

Another term for rain gardens is “bioretention areas.” They are designed to capture and filter stormwater that otherwise would flow unimpeded into our local streams, carrying harmful bacteria and pollutants that are the reason Rock Creek is the area’s most-polluted waterway.

The Girl Scouts, Olivia and Kareena, are splitting the work into three two-hour sessions over two days. Saturday, September 21st is weeding and cleanup day. The second is the planting day: Saturday, October 12th. Encourage their effort and let them know you are coming by signing up here:

Bring gloves and gardening tools if you have them. But your hands and your hard work are the most valuable tools of all!