Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to host my child’s birthday party at the park. Do I need a permit?

According to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, a “permit is required for any organized activity, program or event on DPR property involving more than ten (10) people.” Apply at A DPR permit will not reserve any part of the grounds, however. They’re always first come, first served.

Where should I report broken lights/playground equipment/overflowing trash cans?

Call 311 or visit to report any issues you see.

Why doesn’t the drinking fountain work?

A drinking fountain was added to the playground during the 2014 playground renovation. Shortly after that, playground users were pouring sand down the drain, clogging it. Other users were using it to wash sand from children’s hands and feet, which also clogged the drain. And, sand gets into the mechanism for starting the fountain, and it gets stuck in the “on” position, wasting gallons of water. There is another drinking fountain by the tennis courts. Outside of winter months, it should be operational. If it is not, please contact 311 to report it.

Are dogs allowed on the baseball field and inside the playground?

DPR says: “To ensure the use and enjoyment of our property by all members of the public, dogs are not allowed on playing fields, in children’s play areas, on courts, in or around pools and in recreation centers. Working service dogs are exempt from this rule.”